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Each time you shop with TIEV, you're fulfilling purpose.  We love style in our homes and everyday lives. Shopping with TIEV is a chance to explore unique global treasures to enhance your space and your style, all while helping to eradicate poverty and sustain communities. Now that’s what we call a great deal!


We're crazy about social media and we know you are too!  Follow our mission and share photos of our products, stories about our artisans, and more with your friends.  Build excitement about our brand and purpose - even purchase gift cards for your friends or family.

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They say great minds think alike.  Well, if you're thinking wholesale, we are too!  We welcome wholesale partners!  Send us a note at for more details and we'll get right back to you.

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Distance is no barrier. Together we can impact lives across the globe. Your help allows artisans the opportunity to receive entrepreneurial training, tools, and resources essential for their success. Through equipping and empowering artisans, we change lives, change communities, and change futures.


To artisans who need assistance to kick-off their business to create your products

Interest free financial assistance to purchase materials and tools to scale the artisan’s business

Change sponsorships received are used for:

Providing empowerment, business and financial training to artisans

Advance Payments